Super bowl 2024… Falcon’s Win in New Orleans?

True Falcons Fans would have loved to see our Falcons playing in Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta …even if it meant (God forbid) another lost to the Patriots. I mean, it would have been better than the boring, sleeper show the Rams put on…or shall I say put off.

But all hope it not lost! In 2024, the Super Bowl will be in held New Orleans… So image a scene where our Falcons blow out the Patriots (42-3) and in the end, Matt Ryan and Author Black hoist the Lombardi trophy in the middle of Mercedes Benz Stadium (not ours…theirs)!

Well, I believe in God, and am a true, die-hart Falcons Fan! And if you are too, then you will join me every Sunday (before kick off or course), from now untilthe start of the 2024 season, in going to church, dropping a couple of bucks in the collection plate and praying for this to happen!

In the name of the father, the son…and you know the rest!